Homestory: Interior blogger Jana shows us how a minimalist furnishing concept works


Can a minimalist furnishing concept really be homely? After we discovered Jana's Instagram account @minimal.wohnen , we knew immediately that minimalism and comfort are not mutually exclusive. Jana's beautiful old building impresses with a well thought-out concept that harmonises Scandinavian design with mid-century elements. In an interview, Jana revealed to us where she prefers to spend her time with her two favorite people, what it means to her to live a minimalist life and what her 5 must-follow accounts are.

Dear Jana, would you like to introduce yourself and tell us what you do?

Hey, I'm Jana, I'm 33 years old and I live in my absolute dream city of Hamburg with my two favorite people. I studied in Kassel and since graduating I have been working as a city planner here in Hamburg. I like to be creative and to make wishes and dreams come true. I love being outside, I like my cappuccino with oatmeal and my favorite color is beige.

How would you describe your furnishing style and how did you come to the beautiful apartment?

Minimalist! We searched on the usual platforms and were just lucky that our landlord chose us along with all the other applicants. Unfortunately, I don't have a trick for anyone looking for a new apartment.

What is particularly important to you when furnishing a room?

That it is minimalist and yet homely. I think simply designed rooms exude a lot of calm and there is also less to tidy up or clean.

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You are very successful with your Instagram account minimal.wohnen, where you share impressions of your great old apartment. How did it come about and what has changed (positively) for you with the success?

It actually came out of boredom. During my pregnancy I had a lot of free time and I wanted to use it creatively. That's when I had the idea of ​​starting an interior account. I didn't even have an Instagram account before. Since then I have been in close contact with so many great people and real friendships have even developed. That's probably the nicest thing about the whole thing.

Home story Jana Minimal living
Home story Jana Minimal living

What does it mean to you to live minimalist? Is sustainability also an important topic for you in this context?

The topic of sustainability has become increasingly important to me, especially in recent years. For me, being minimalist also means not being too wasteful, revaluing things through upcycling or paying attention to how and where things are produced. In general, I'm trying to bring my lifestyle more and more in the right direction, for example through a vegetarian diet.

Do you have a favorite room in your apartment and why is it this one?

Currently it is definitely the living room. It could also be because we just set it up from scratch. And I could rearrange everything to our liking. There's a lot going on here at the moment: It's our home office, our playground and a chill area.

Home story Jana Minimal living
Home story Jana Minimal living

Do you specifically buy high-quality and timeless furnishings and home accessories in order to have something of it for a long time?

Not necessarily specifically, but I make sure that furniture is rather simple, minimalist and, if possible, modular. They can then be used very individually and combined very well with other things.

If you look back at the pictures in your account, you can see that your apartment is constantly changing. How much do you need change and how do you think you can create a fresh look with simple means?

Oh, I'm always in dire need of change. I always have far too many new ideas in my head and like to be inspired. I have a lot of fun implementing these new ideas. And sometimes you just have to rearrange something or put up a new picture and it already has a big impact on the room. A new coat of paint can also work wonders.

Where do you get inspiration and what tips can you give along the way?

My biggest source of inspiration is definitely Instagram or Pinterest. But I also really like to be inspired by my friends’ apartments, cafés or furniture stores.

Home story Jana Minimal living
Home story Jana Minimal living

New piece of furniture, second hand or handmade - what is your favorite and why?

It's a mix of everything. Second hand or DIY pieces of furniture have a lot of personality and tell a story. New pieces of furniture can provide a good contrast to this. The overall picture then makes up for it.

You also designed and built some things in the apartment yourself. What is your absolute favorite piece?

Hmm, let me think about it. I would say that our homemade dining table is pretty far ahead. I like the design and so much happens here: people laugh, do handicrafts, paint, friends get together and of course people eat here too.

Home story Jana Minimal living

What are your 5 favorite blogs or Instagram accounts?

I'm totally in love with @lena_living , @mamoesjka_nl , @noranilpferd , @still_sunday and @neutral_at_home accounts .

Thank you very much for the great insight into your apartment and the nice interview, Jana!

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