We are interested in the faces and stories behind the brands.
How did the idea come about? What is the motivation behind founding the company? What does the everyday life of a founder look like?

Learn more about the founders of these sustainable brands.


When Dorka and Daniel couldn't find an answer to the question "Who made my interior?", they decided to take matters into their own hands and founded their own interior company, aitsan. Dorka gave us interesting insights into her everyday life as an entrepreneur and revealed her 3 personal tips for prospective founders.


Anna Pfeiffer wanted to create vegan natural cosmetics with a maximum of 5 ingredients. She has succeeded with her brand FIVE Skincare . Her successful appearance on the TV show "The Lion's Den" helped her and the brand to become well known. What happened after that, what the exciting everyday work of an online entrepreneur looks like and which 3 ultimate tips she can give founders on their way, she revealed to us in an interview.


Harriet Dohmeyer founded the publishing house Ankerwechsel. In an interview, she revealed to us how it came about, what motivates her and what plans she is still pursuing.


Alexander Hartan is the founder of the vegan and sustainable cosmetics brand Studio Botanic. He gave us an insight into the establishment of a certified cosmetics company.


The founders Louise and Josephine introduce themselves and tell us why they wanted to found a sustainable label and what challenges this entails.