Price adjustments 2021

We try to give you the greatest possible transparency in all relevant areas, because that is our philosophy. We believe that awareness of more environmentally conscious consumption can only be promoted if processes, supply chains and the origin of the products are traceable.

We would therefore like to inform you about the background to our price adjustments in 2021.

commodity prices

Many raw materials such as wood or organic oils have recently become significantly more expensive . This is due to a strong increase in market demand as well as increased import duty and transport costs. The purchase price for FSC-certified oak alone has increased by around 20% in the last two years and by a further 50% in the years before. For small companies that have to operate profitably, price increases of this magnitude cannot be borne and therefore have to be passed on in some cases.

shipping fees

All shipping service providers usually increase their prices at the beginning of the year. In addition, since this year a CO2 tax has been levied , which the logistics companies pass on to their business partners. For us as a small company, shipping fees are a high cost factor.

We try to cover the shipping costs with a flat rate so that you pay a calculable fee regardless of the order value. From an order value of 50 euros, you don't even pay any shipping fees for shipping within Germany. Nevertheless, we had to raise the fees to 4.99 euros to compensate for the increased costs to some extent.

delivery of goods

We obtain our goods from different suppliers in different countries. Some of our partners have their goods produced overseas, since the necessary raw materials such as seaweed or water hyacinth grow there and the traditional craftsmanship of the producers can be guaranteed.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions in delivery traffic, sea freight costs have increased by up to 600% compared to autumn 2020 ! The main causes are a large shortage of ships and empty containers, as well as major bottleneck problems due to significantly increased activity in the individual ports.