Soft Scandinavian Look

The Scandinavians bring a great passion for their own home, with the focus being on the homely, cozy living atmosphere.

Clear structures, geometric shapes and a subtle elegance make up the Soft Scandinavian Look. Natural materials and light colors play a major role and underline the awareness of nature and sustainable living. The Scandinavian design stands for minimalism in a harmonious interior.

Natural materials such as jute, rattan and light wood types such as birch and oak ensure cosiness. Vintage furniture can be wonderfully used as an additional eye-catcher. Discreet green plants and flowers add the final touch and create a cozy atmosphere. The basic colors consist mainly of natural tones such as white, gray, beige, nude, as well as variants in soft blue and green tones.

The following pictures show the very personal furnishing style of Jasmin Kirst, the founder of nordery.

Soft Scandinavian look living room
Soft Scandinavian dining room
Soft Scandinavian hallway