Story behind

I have always had a great enthusiasm for Nordic-Scandinavian interiors and love to decorate my apartment . In principle, the idea for nordery came about in 2016, when I moved into my new three-room apartment and wanted to beautify it with living and decorative accessories. I quickly realized that it is relatively difficult to find individual products in Nordic design style that are also sustainable and environmentally friendly away from the mainstream.

During a trip through some Nordic countries in 2018, I discovered many great brands and products that follow a sustainable approach and that are not available or only partially available in our country. It quickly became clear that I would also like to bring these great labels and products to Germany.

Since I have been dealing with the topic of sustainability for some time, I also came into direct contact with the topic of plastic. I was not aware of how the microplastics often contained in conventional cosmetics harm the environment to an extent that is not yet known. That's why I've also included natural cosmetics in my range.

After about a year of preparation, I founded the online shop in 2019. With I would like to offer an inspiring online platform for sustainable and individual products in Nordic design style to create a home in which you feel completely comfortable. 

In this way, nordery can hopefully make a valuable contribution to sustainable housing and living, and ensure more conscious consumer behavior - loosely based on the principle: "Think twice - Buy consciously" .

And now I wish you a lot of fun browsing and discovering!

your jasmine