10 zero waste tips for more sustainability in everyday life

"Every beginning is difficult" - that's what the saying goes, because change means that we have to change our learned and comfortable processes. We'll show you how you can make big changes in small steps and soon won't even think about it anymore because it's become a habit.

1. And get out of bed!

The morning shower is a must, no question, but does the shampoo and shower gel have to come from plastic bottles? There are many practical and cheap alternatives such as body and hair soaps packaged in recyclable paper. Or you buy natural cosmetics in glass bottles that are environmentally friendly and can be refilled again and again.

2. A quick cup of coffee on the go

The coffee-to-go cups in Germany produce a gigantic mountain of plastic waste every day. Either skip the coffee and wait until you get to the office, or take a reusable cup with you. Many bakeries and cafés now offer a deposit system for reusable cups.

4. Oh, I'll order something for lunch

The delivery services usually bring the food in plastic packaging. At many supermarkets and restaurants you can bring your reusable can and have the food packed for you. So you can get some fresh air during your lunch break. Or cook your own lunch the day before and bring it with you in reusable containers.

5. Online shopping for in between

The temptation is always there because it can be ordered with just one click and is usually delivered the next day. But do you really have to order that book you could buy at the local bookstore anyway? It's better to think twice about whether you actually have to place the order online. "Think twice - buy consciously"

6. Why always to the supermarket

The supermarket around the corner is practical - everything is available there without major detours. Unfortunately, a lot of things, especially fruit and vegetables, are (still) wrapped in plastic. At greengrocers or in plastic-free supermarkets you can get fresh produce straight into your jute bag. Or you first look in your fridge to see if you still have food that urgently needs to be used before you have to throw it away.

7. And now clean the apartment

Many cleaning and cleaning agents are the purest chemicals and therefore harmful to the environment. You can easily mix a universal cleaner from vinegar that also smells wonderful: Mix 500 ml of clear household vinegar with 200 ml of warm water and add 20 drops of essential oil such as eucalyptus, lime or lavender oil. Put everything in a spray bottle and shake vigorously and you have the best and most sustainable household cleaner for the home.

8. Sharing is caring

Before you buy something new, think about asking a friend or acquaintance to lend it to you. The sharing concept now exists in many areas - from the exchange of clothes to the drill.

9. Plan a vacation

Does it really have to be a long-distance trip again and wouldn't it be nice to go to the mountains or to the lake at home again? Eco-friendly alternatives to flying abound, from cycling for the sporty among us to sailing for the water-mad.

10. Off to bed!

For women, there are reusable cotton make-up pads and natural sponges for everyday evening care that make disposable pads superfluous. And the men will certainly be happy if there is less standing around in the bathroom.

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