Linen bedding

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      Discover our cuddly soft bed linen made of natural, pre-washed linen in delicate Nordic tones . Linen is one of the most sustainable materials and offers a pleasant sleeping comfort . The material warms in winter and cools slightly in summer.

      Wide range of sizes and colors
      Find a wide range of pre-washed linen bedding sets from pillowcases, duvets and fitted sheets in various Scandinavian colors such as grey, white, pink, blue and green. We offer our sustainable linen bed linen in the German standard size 135x200 cm and in the oversize 155x220 cm . We carry fitted sheets in the sizes 140x200 cm and 180x200 cm.

      Linen is sustainable and vegan
      Natural linen is one of the most environmentally friendly materials. From cultivation to processing, linen requires little water and energy. The fabric is obtained from the flax plant and is therefore purely vegetable and biodegradable.

      Highest quality and longevity
      The high-quality linen bedding is handcrafted, so each piece is unique. In addition, the material is very hard-wearing and durable. With each wash, the fabric becomes softer and more supple. The very long durability and the complex manufacturing process make the linen bed linen a high-quality product that you can enjoy for a lifetime. Linen fabrics thus contribute to a more sustainable and ethical textile industry.