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What is our mission?

Our mission is to offer you a special shopping experience that gives you inspiration for your sustainable home furnishings and makes it easier to find the right products.

Why do we offer sustainable home accessories?

We are of the opinion that decorative elements make your own four walls a home in which you feel comfortable. For us, "sustainable living and living" means designing your own home furnishings in an environmentally friendly and timeless manner. With the right home accessories you can quickly and easily set color accents or create a new sense of space.

It is important to us that you can enjoy the products for a very long time, so longevity and quality are our top priorities. With sustainable home furnishings, you are doing something good for yourself and the environment and are also easy on your wallet.

What is particularly important to us?

We would like to explain the origin of the products and put the quality of the products in the foreground. All products must meet at least three of a total of eight specified sustainability criteria. These include "Fair & sustainably produced", "Made in the EU" or "Recyclable".

It is our concern to support sustainable brands and designers who primarily produce locally and provide information about the origin and production of the products. When selecting the products, we focus on non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials, high-quality workmanship and a long service life.

We only include brands and products in our range if they can guarantee and comply with our environmentally friendly and socially responsible requirements along the entire production chain.

Which products and brands can you find with us?

We would like to bring you closer to the Nordic way of life and have therefore focused on brands from the Scandinavian countries, but we also carry labels and brands from countries such as Holland, Belgium and Germany, which combine the design and philosophy of the far north.

You will find sustainable products from the Home & Living area such as organic bed linen , decorative pillows , vases , books and murals as well as care products and accessories from the natural cosmetics sector.

Our selected brands include Linen Tales , Haps Nordic , Aspegren Denmark , bybrorson , the Family House , Torplyktan , Grete Manufaktur and Yoshiko Home .

And why is the focus on Nordic-Scandinavian design?

The Nordic-Scandinavian living style is timeless, minimalist and functional and stands for joie de vivre in harmony with nature. The Scandinavians bring a great passion for their own home, with a cozy living atmosphere being the focus. Natural materials, clear shapes and light colors underline the awareness of nature and of sustainable living and furnishing.

This perfectly reflects our vision and represents the values ​​we stand for at nordery.

Online consumption and sustainability – aren't they mutually exclusive?

Unfortunately, online shopping itself is not necessarily sustainable due to the CO2-polluting shipping, even if we offer climate-neutral shipping at n ordery. However, returns are a big problem. On average, every sixth package is returned. In Germany alone, around 280 million parcels are returned each year.

We deliberately wanted to avoid free returns, as offered by the majority of online shops, in order to raise awareness of the fact that every return means an enormous burden on the environment and additional costs. According to the principle "Think twice - buy consciously" , we want to create awareness for considered buying and thus avoid unnecessary impulse purchases.

Furthermore, recyclable shipping materials and the avoidance of plastic waste are elementary approaches that we are pursuing. With the self-initiated No Return Award , we would like to reward your environmentally conscious actions and also support environmental and fundraising campaigns in the future. In addition, the blog provides many tips and assistance for a sustainable way of life.

Why do we call our customers first?

In Scandinavia, especially in Sweden, it is customary to address someone on a first-name basis. We would like to exchange ideas with our customers on an equal footing, and that includes direct, personal contact. If you don't like that, you're more than welcome to use your first name.