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      Linen is sustainable
      Natural linen is one of the most environmentally friendly materials, as most of it is grown in Europe, using few resources and no pesticides. The linen fabric is made from natural fibers from the flax plant, which requires very little water. Linen is therefore completely ecological and therefore biodegradable.

      Linen is hypoallergenic
      Compared to other fabrics, linen offers the best microclimate for the skin, ie it is permeable to air, absorbs moisture and perspiration, which is why the skin does not sweat. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for people with very sensitive skin or eczema.

      Linen is durable
      The fibers are extremely strong (30% stronger than cotton) and durable. This makes linen a very resistant and durable material. A pure linen product can last a lifetime if cared for properly. After each wash, the fabric becomes softer and more cuddly.

      Linen is temperature regulating
      Linen fabric gets damp quickly and dries quickly, so the fabric warms on cold nights and cools the body on hot summer days.

      Linen is antistatic
      Thanks to the soft natural fabric and the lint-free property, linen is resistant to static electricity.

      Linen is luxury
      The production of linen products is based on a centuries-old tradition and is mostly done by hand. The complex process and long durability make linen a very high-quality and sustainable luxury product.