about us

home decor

Our focus is on sustainable home and living accessories in a Nordic-Scandinavian style. We rely on minimalist, timeless design with products that can be combined with each other and provide new inspiration. We mainly carry smaller brands from Denmark, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands, but also from Germany.

natural cosmetics

We carry selected natural cosmetics that consist of natural ingredients and are completely free of artificial fragrances and additives, parabens, UV filters, mineral oils, silicones and microplastics . Most of the products are certified according to the most common seals such as Ecocert and Natrue. We support small producers who put a lot of passion and conviction into their natural cosmetics.


Sustainability is our central drive and the guiding motivation behind all processes and decisions. Our aim is to use a holistic approach to focus on the issues of fairness, transparency and environmental friendliness. That's why you'll find the sustainability criteria that we used to make our selections for every product.

No Return Award

Did you know that we reward environmentally conscious online shopping and offer a No Return Award for unreturned orders? Because every return also burdens our environment and can largely be avoided. Register now for our No Return Award program and benefit from many advantages. "Think twice - buy consciously".