How we collect customer reviews

We record our product and shop ratings using the service provider In the following, we have shown how the evaluations are recorded and checked.

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We send an email review request to the buyer following an order. If there is no reaction, a reminder email will be sent after 5 days. After that, no further requests are made.

Submit a review

Buyers can leave a review within the email review form or through the review widget. Product reviews are submitted through the Reviews widget, while shop reviews are submitted through the All Reviews page. Visitors can leave reviews without a (verifiable) purchase history ("web reviews"), but these will not receive a "Verified Buyer" badge if the reviewer's email is not part of the shop's customer list or cannot be associated with an order . Reviews that come from the same email address will have the same display name.

Verification of ratings and badges for verified buyers automatically verifies reviews based on the order history of our online shop. After the review is verified by, the suffix "Verified Purchase" will be added to the respective review.

If the ratings are not linked to existing orders (e.g. made directly on the online shop), they will not be shown as a verified purchase.

Grouping of reviews allows ratings for products in the same shop (“Product Group”) to be shared as well as synchronizing reviews for products in different shops (“Shop Group”) based on each product.

Review curation

Shoppers can rely on the medals awarded to stores as an indicator of transparency and authenticity. Shops earn transparency medals when they post at least 80% of all verified reviews they receive, and authenticity medals when at least 80% of the reviews posted are verified.